History of the Company

Casagrande Architects LLC was formed in February of 2002. The Firm is managed by it's sole member Achitect Philip D. Casagrande. The company has become known in Chicago for Residences which have been designed to fit well into the city's local neighborhoods, yet stand out as distinct for their combined beauty and function.

Work History for Philip D. Casagrande

in 1990, Philip Casagrande was employed by the Architectural Firm Marcel Freides & Associates, which specialized in the design and construction of single family residences in the City of Chicago. By 1997, Casagrande had earned the respect of Freides and his clients, and the corporation's name was changed to Freides & Casagande Ltd. Known for their Lincoln Park design and construction, the firm continued untill 2002 when Freides announced his retirement. Throughout this 12 year period, Casagrande designed and managed the construction of a variety of residential and commercial projects. These ranged in scope from kitchen and bathroom design, office planning and retail store build-outs, to multi-million dollar residences, as welll as multi- unit townhouse developments.

Licensing and Education

In 1990 Philip D. Casagrande graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. In 1994, he became a Licensed Architect in the State of Illinois. In 2004 he completed the Self-Certification training program and is Licensed to self-Certify plans in the City of Chicago.